Agriculture Machinery
A large amount of chemicals is annually applied at the agricultural soils as fertilizers and pesticides. Such applications may result in the increase of heavy metals particularly Cd, Pb, and As. The objective of this study was to investigate the variability of chemical applications on Cd, Pb, and As concentrations of wheat-cultivated soils. Consequently, a study area was designed and was divided into four subareas (A, B, C, and D).

The soil sampling was carried out in 40 points of cultivated durum wheat during the 2006–2007 periods. The samples were taken to the laboratory to measure their heavy metal concentration, soil texture, pH, electrical conductivity, cationic exchange capacity, organic matter, and carbonate contents. The result indicated that Cd, Pb, and As concentrations were increased in the cultivated soils due to fertilizer application. Although the statistical analysis indicates that these heavy metals increased significantly (P value 0.05), the lead and arsenic concentrations were increased dramatically compared to Cd concentration. This can be related to overapplication of fertilizers as well as the pesticides that are used to replant plant pests, herbs, and rats.


The bulk of the material presented is the common heritage of the profession, and if any one may think there is insufficient reference to previous writers, let him endeavor to find to whom the origin of our methods should be credited. The science has grown by small contributions of experience since, or before, those unnamed Egyptian engineers, whose works prove their knowledge of many fundamentals of mine engineering six thousand eight hundred years ago. If I have contributed one sentence to the accumulated knowledge of a thousand generations of engineers, or have thrown one new ray of light on the work, I shall have done my share.

Auto Mobiles

The latest headlines are all about autos, but what does Detroit in the doldrums mean for commodities?

  • Metals content in cars
  • The demand slump and falling prices
  • Finding an opportunity

By weight, the typical passenger car consists of about 60 percent steel and iron. The steel used to make the shell of your car, including the doors, hood, trunk and quarterpanels, contains a minimum of 25 percent recycled content. Many internal steel and iron parts are made using even higher percentages of recycled steel. All steel products contain recycled steel because steel scrap is a necessary ingredient in the production of new steel. With steel, unlike other materials, scrap from cars can become new steel for cans, appliances, construction materials or even new cars. Likewise, steel scrap for new cars is collected not only from automobiles but also from steel cans, appliances and construction material.

Pump & Value
Pumps are essential mechanisms that are utilized in many industrial manufacturing processes. Pumps are devices used to raise, compress or transfer fluids or gases. Pumps can be hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps or electric pumps and include a large variety of types such as centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps and vacuum pumps. Pump manufacturers also mainly fabricate industrial pumps from metallic materials, but use thermoplastic and elastomeric materials such as Teflon and polypropylene as well.
One of the Government’s principles for a 24-hour general administration is electronic self-service for users; services that provide integrated and complete digital services. Every agency and sector is responsi- ble for providing its users with such services. The decentralized responsibility is to be supported by common measures and solutions, including common ICT components. A common architectural principle is to be established for the public sector.

Services will be established across agency boundaries in order to make the enterprise’s working processes as efficient as possible

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Defence Equipment
India’s current requirements on defence are catered largely by imports. The opening of the strategic defence sector for private sector participation will help foreign original equipment manufacturers to enter into strategic partnerships with Indian companies and leverage the domestic markets and also aim at global business. Besides helping build domestic capabilities, this will bolster exports in the long term.